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My Week At SNL

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I spent some time shooting behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live for People magazine and photo editor Jessica Bryan last month. The NBC show was gearing up for its 40th anniversary and they were kind enough to let us hang around “fly on the wall style” so we could see how its done. The hallways are lined with photos of past celebrity guests and repertory players and the place is dripping with history. I personally have been watching the show practically my whole life so it was pretty fascinating to watch the process unfold. On Monday, they all gather in Lorne’s office and pitch ideas to the weekly guest host. (The week I was shooting it was Kevin Hart) Then they stay up all night long writing skits that they then read at the “Table Read” on Weds. Lorne posts the chosen skits on a bulletin board and they race into production. (I hear that tears are shed if your skit isn’t chosen) That gives them 3 days to rehearse, refine the jokes, and build the sets, the costumes and wigs. Somewhere in there they shoot all the digital shorts and fake commercials. On Saturday they run the whole show in front of a live audience at 8:00 pm. Then they cut several of the skits, refine the ones they plan on going with even more and then they do it all over again for real. LIVE FROM NEW YORK ITS SATURDAY NIGHT! You can see the People story on line here.














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