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Kate Lyn Sheil

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Compared to Planet Hollywood, the NY indie film community is a tiny island filled with a tight knit group of talented filmmakers and actors, all working together on each other’s no budget films. (It very much reminds me of how the indie rock scene was before Nevermind was released). Kate Lyn Sheil is one of the main players on the scene and rightfully so. She is beautiful and talented, with an uncanny ability to express the subtlest emotions with the quietest of intensity. If you don’t believe me go see her latest project The Heart Machine. I had met Kate at a few parties and I was really hoping to have the opportunity to work with her at some point, so when Scott from Filmmaker called I jumped at the chance. And it happened quickly. I got the call on Tues and we shot on Weds: no lights, no assistant, no production at all really. Classic NY Indie style! Kate arrived straight from an audition and was operating on one-hour sleep, having taken the redeye from LA the night before. We were blessed with perfect weather and our walk together on the Highline was the highlight of my day.







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