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Wonder Women

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There is a belief within the advertising community that celebrity photographers don’t know how to photograph real people. I think it stems from the notion that celebrities are used to being in front of the camera and after hours of hair and makeup and styling, they are more prepared to deal with the harsh stare of the lens. With regards to capturing the essence of character, this completely unfounded myth misses the point about what portrait photographers actually do, which is make people feel comfortable and relaxed, disarming their insecurities so they can be “themselves” in front of the camera. Actors can be difficult to photograph unless a clear role for them to connect with is defined. I have always enjoyed photographing musicians the most; generally, I find their demeanor so chill and easygoing. For this photo booth that I set up at BUST Magazine’s PRIMPED craft fair I photographed over 200 actual “real” people in just a few hours. Due to the nature of the event, 99% of my subjects were women! I liken the experience to the 5-second drill in Life drawing class. It’s a quick sketch, the goal being to capture the soul in just a few frames. Here are some of my favs but you can see the whole set here.

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  1. Chris DeBano says:

    Love these portraits.

  2. Lorie Freeman says:

    I love these photos! I don’t see where to go to look at the rest of them…

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