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Weekend Update

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The Log Line for my short Weekend Away reads like this: “A distressed young woman leaves the city for the weekend with the hopes of clearing her head, but meets a mysterious hitchhiker who only confuses things more. The farther she goes to escape the more she finds herself trapped.” On the surface the film is about a girl who goes away for the weekend, but its also about the notion of escapism and about one woman’s struggle with the idea of commitment and how that’s reflected in the choices that she makes. My challenge was to be able to breathe life into this abstract idea through the use of images, words and sound.
We shot the whole film in 4 days at the beginning of August. I have to admit, it was very exciting! As a director there is nothing that can focus your mind more than being on set, with layers of decisions to make, each one influencing the next cascading into the rest like dominos. Our production lurched forward and with all the fires that needed to be put out, it’s a miracle we didn’t burn down. When we found the hotel room that we booked was occupied, I didn’t panic. When the parks department came bearing down with threats of a shutdown and outright extortion, I didn’t panic. Through all the chaos and noise my main responsibility as the director was to stay in tune with the emotionally nuanced aspects of the story and continually draw out specific intentions from the actors. My actress Sophia Takal was wonderfully intuitive and it was a pleasure to work with her. We finished shooting on schedule with no major calamities, and my awesome producer Alexandra Byer, my DP Mark Schwartzbard and the rest of the crew deserve a big shout out for keeping the production moving along smoothly.

After we wrapped, the fascinating process of editing began to take place. We initially started with a 26 min assembly, which was whittled down to a pretty nice rough cut at 19 minutes. It was then that we got ruthless and cut every single frame that wasn’t essential for moving the story forward and ended up with a 13-minute short film that is ready for prime time. We will see if I was successful and hopefully get into a few festivals so that real people can actually watch it! There’s an old saying, “Wherever you go, there you are”. And just like my main character Rose, I wanted to go somewhere else, so I made this short film. I just hope my choices were a little better than hers.

Strip Board

Final Cut Timeline

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