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Jeffrey Wright

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10 years ago I beat Jeffrey Wright at a game of chess. Granted, I got really lucky, plus I don’t think he would ever admit it, but its true. I was hired by HBO to photograph the image campaign for Boycott, a mini series about the Martin Luther King Jr. that Mr Wright was staring in. We were on set in Atlanta and Terrence Howard and Jeffrey had been playing a lot. During one of our breaks I sat down at the table and somehow was able to pull off a stunning checkmate. It was awesome! When I got the assignment to shoot Mr Wright again I was excited, not so I could remind him of our match but because I personally believe that Jeffrey Wright is one of the greatest underrated actors in Hollywood and I was looking forward to having the opportunity to work with him again. I can’t say he remembered me but he did tell me that he met his wife Carmen Ejogo on that production which I thought was pretty romantic. And except when we had to beat back the paparazzi during the outdoor setup, the shoot went pretty smoothly. In the end I didn’t have the nerve to mention our game that day in Atlanta, but working the chess board into the shoot looked great!

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