August 22, 2011 2


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The luster of new wears thin quickly in the fast paced world of social media and lately I’ve been having trouble just finding the energy to check my facebook page or even to post a tweet. Its not that I don’t get it, I get it. I’ve spent countless hours lost deep inside comment chains, visiting with old girlfriends from high school, and watching rare music video posts but after a while the inevitable redundancy sets in and I have found myself with a pretty bad case of SM burnout. Or maybe its just that I spend all of my time on INSTAGRAM now. This summer has been crazy and I don’t think anyone would call me lazy but it sure is easy to post my nicely filtered i-phone photos for all to see. You need to be careful as to avoid killing yourself with clichés, sunsets and cats are the deadliest, but that keeps it challenging. And generally I think the visual language spoken on the INSTAGRAM feed is pretty fun to watch. Here are some of my favs…

2 Responses to “Instagrammar”

  1. Stanislas says:

    Not bad. especially photo of gates. they looks like gate from warehouse 13. and woman with sword from star wars good too

  2. Listarkin says:

    Nice … Some of the photos particularly successful.

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