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October 29, 2010 2

“Turn the room around!”

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In August I spent 2 weeks in Memphis on the set of the independent feature “Losers Take All”, an 80’s Rock and Roll comedy about a DIY punk band looking to make some noise. How I ended up there is kind of a long story but in a nutshell, I was invited by the producer […]

October 14, 2010 1

Maximum Balloon Album Cover

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Back in the old days, I would shoot several album covers a month, but nowadays I get about one or two a year. Album packaging used to be a job requiring professionals, but the last time I was up at Universal my art director friend was comping up a cover from a iphone Hipstamatic file. […]

October 5, 2010 0

GLEE Special Issue

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After a long run of special issues for People Magazine, including Miley, Jonas, and High School Musical to name a few, the economy crashed and the whole thing came to a screeching halt. But when I got the call from photo editor Jessica Bryan asking my availability to shoot the cast of GLEE, I started […]