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Tilda Swinton Interview

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Tilda was wonderfully gracious and the photographs for the article came out beautifully, but the video piece didn’t really turn out the way I envisioned it. I had big plans. I had mapped out several cool concepts involving several beautiful glass vases and water and a Patti Smith poem, but she nixed everything. You never know going into a photo shoot with someone you’ve never met whats going to happen. Most of the time people like to have some sort of prop or element that they can engage with and I always have something to offer my subjects. Obviously my pitch didn’t go over very well, so I’m a little disappointed with this piece. That said, I shot the interview and edited in a few of the images from the shoot and this is what I came up with. I also struggled to get a descent sound recording. We shot this piece at Industria studio 1, which is similar to a cave and is not sound proof, so the banging that was happening in one of the other studios that was unfortunately synchronized with Tilda’s answers really put a crimp in my style. Trying to tack on a video shoot on the back end of a photo shoot is definitely the challenge we all face in todays reality.

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