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Joan Jett for Esquire

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I’ve photographed Joan Jett 3 times now over the years, the first time in 1991 for Sony Records, the 2nd time in 1996 for Raygun Magazine and in 2009 for Esquire, and I will say this about her: she is a wonderfully warm and friendly person with an amazingly strong sense of personal style. She is truly an original presence. And she is really intense. I remember  for our first shoot, at my studio on Bleeker and the Bowery, Joan arrived with (and I am not making this up) a joint in each hand, both lit I might add, and an Expresso Machine under her arm. Joan was rolling with her own expresso machine!! (I’m sorry, I really wish I had a photo of that!) Almost 20 years later Joan shows up looking more like Joan Jett than I had ever seen her. The only thing different this time was she didnt bring her expresso machine.







3 Responses to “Joan Jett for Esquire”

  1. pia says:

    holy f**

    i totally love her! this sesion is awesome! i want more please!!!

  2. Austin Joffe says:

    Very nice! I think the photos portray her accurately.

    I love your work; the way you make it look so casual, and less commercial. It seems like the current style is that people are using beauty dishes some sort of rim light. Like how you just take them out and have a good time. That’s how it appears at least.

    It’s too bad you were unable to capture her entrance; would have been priceless! haha

  3. Jill Hume says:

    Great photos of Joan! She’s still so cool. Liked the espresso machine anecdote: kind of like ‘I come prepared…I take care of my own needs.’

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