February 11, 2009 4

5 degrees in the sun

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We were driving back from Vermont and as we passed through Albany I spotted what seemed to be the coolest building I have ever seen. It was the ultimate Fortress! Certainly I have rarely taken a photograph on a colder day. I hopped out of the car, snuck past the barricade, trudged through the snow and before my fingers started to seize up, I snapped a few shots of the completely original spaceship of a building in front of me. I found out later that this building was designed by Wallace Harrison and is called “The Egg” ¬†How cool is that?

4 Responses to “5 degrees in the sun”

  1. Kate Swann says:

    It is in fact the coolest bldg ever. reminds me of that bldg in colorado in the woody allen movie. cool but not cool enough to like move there or anything.

  2. Megan D. says:

    That whole group of buildings that The Egg is part of reminds me of dystopian seventies SciFi, like ROLLERBALL and especially A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

  3. El Thatchmo says:

    The Egg! I’ve seen shows there.

  4. The Brewster says:

    I’ve heard that the egg was originallly planned to be a “full” egg, but funding problems caused them to chop off the top half of it.

    Nelson Rockefeller built this entire complex in the 1960’s by bulldozing a large area of downtown Albany with block after block of 19th century townhouses.

    In my opinion, this whole thing is hideous — uninviting, has nothing to do with the surrounding area, etc.

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