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November 16, 2008 1

who is Marco Zanta?

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After a big meeting with a big agent (that went very well I think) I dropped into the the ICP to check out there latest offerings. First up was a Cornell Capa show which was classic but didnt really move me. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood but really I thought that the Robert Capa […]

November 8, 2008 0

Cecil Stoughton R.I.P 11/6/08

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While reading all the politico this amazingly historical week I came across the obituary of Cecil Stoughton, the first official White House photographer. Cecil Stoughton, the chief photographer for the Kennedy White House, who documented its glittering public moments and its intimate private ones, and who captured its sudden end in one of the signal […]

November 6, 2008 1


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We went to the Sonnabend opening of Zaha Hadids new structural designs on saturday night and I was incredibly impressed with the power of her work. Hadid is an amazingly talented architect who studied under Rem Koolhass before breaking out on her own in the late 70’s. Her work is considered conceptually groundbreaking and she […]

November 2, 2008 0

Poe and Pizza

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So last night we did some trick or treating with the kids in the village and then went to visit some friends that were putting on a haunted courtyard in their building. It was an un-seasonally warm Friday night holloween in the city and there were thousands of people out and about roaming the streets […]