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Twin Peaks

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  Favorite all time clip!    

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   Seattle 1983         Motivated by the plethora of photo websites proliferating all over the internet, I am moving forward with a plan to piece together a small website of personal photographs. For some miraculous reason, the domain was available at Godaddy today, (I could have sworn that it was already taken) and the good […]

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Eight years ago I purchased a book at Barnes and Noble called “Blindness” by Jose Saramago.  I had never heard of the author but was convinced to indulge solely by the “staff recommends” notation scribbled on an index card.  I was so moved by the ferocious intensity of the story that I proceeded to buy a stack of […]

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Kurt and Me

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  Last night I had a dream that I visited with Kurt Cobain. He was older and heavier and seemed a bit disoriented, but was very much alive. We were in a old hotel room decorated with tarnished, yellowed blond wood.  Kurt disappeared into another room and I waited. There were several people there and I noticed some […]

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The inaugural post. All Systems are go!   Mylie Cyrus April 2008