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I was impressed with the super chill British singer/songwriter Dev Hynes (also known as Blood Orange and formerly of Lightspeed Champion) when we did our shoot for the Japanese magazine NERO last fall. His charming and disarming demeanor helped make the session go down smoothly. We did our shoot at a small “rent by the hour” studio in Chinatown. Super funky! We talked about the short film Blackout he acted in (which I really enjoyed and you can watch here) and about his new album, which is coming out next week! Check out his site here.




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Melissa McCarthy

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Melissa McCarthy is the best! We did our BUST MAGAZINE photo shoot at Quixote in Glendale California and her wonderfully infectious energy filled the whole sound stage. Considering how stressful celebrity photo shoots can be, we certainly had a blast. Her natural sense of humour is without parallel. She had me laughing so hard my ribs were hurting. Her rad husband Ben Falcone was there hanging out and she brought her Mom and Dad. They were so cute! Truly a family affair.
There was a big Article in NEW YORK Magazine about how Hollywood needs to embrace her star power. All five of the studio comedies that she has starred in have been HUGE moneymaking hits.
“This is not just a remarkable run; it is literally a singular one. No other woman or man unaided by a franchise in the last five years has emerged from nowhere to become such a completely dependable movie star, appearing in one successful film after another and regularly creating product that turns a profit, while maintaining a successful foothold in TV as well.”

If you haven’t seen her movie SPY, you are missing out. It’s ridiculously funny. I have a feeling Melissa is just getting started!



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I lost sight of my blog there for a bit, but the urge to post has been percolating like a pour over and the caffeine is kicking in. Last year was monumental in many respects, none more than releasing my youngest child out into the world. And contrary to what everyone thinks, The Empty Nest is not heartbreaking, but liberating. I feel creatively invigorated and driven with a sense of urgency to deliver on the promise of my life’s work. Between shooting new assignments, scanning the archives, writing a movie, and keeping up on social media I barely have time to pay two college tuitions. Kicking off the new blog season, I’ll start with a shoot I did with exuberant indie glam rocker DIANE COFFEE for Bust Magazine. His records play on repeat around here and if you get a chance to see him perform, you will not be disappointed.




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Diane Birch

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When NERO asked me to shoot the musician Diane Birch I have to admit I had never heard of her. Later that day when I was walking back from the Duane Reade I looked down on the sidewalk and sitting on the edge of the iron fence was a copy of a Diane Birch CD, just resting there all by itself like some kind of sign. I knew then that it was meant to be. When she arrived for the shoot I was taken aback by her beauty and positive vibe. Even better, she was totally game when I suggested the idea of building a narrative around a romantic interlude with a mysterious lover.


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I photographed the godmother of the New York Art scene, experimental musician Laurie Anderson at her Canal Street studio for the Japanese magazine NERO last fall. I couldn’t find an assistant that would work for $100 dollars so I did the job by myself. (Which is a pretty risky idea, verging on stupid) Fortunately I was able to get all my stuff loaded in and set up just in time. Laurie had asked the designer Claire Fleury to bring by some of her custom suits so it was just the three of us. When Laurie started doing Ti Chi moves, I decided to mix my light sources to enhance her movement. Considering her history with improvisation I wanted to let things fall apart a bit, I was looking for a happy accident. What’s great about shooting for NERO is that they let me do whatever I want and they always choose the weirdest, most fucked up photos I give them. The shoot was short and sweet, and Laurie was incredibly warm and charming. The best part is that our Tai Chi image was selected to be included in American Photography 31. I haven’t had an image in AP for 14 years. Maybe I should not use assistants more often.



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My Week At SNL

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I spent some time shooting behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live for People magazine and photo editor Jessica Bryan last month. The NBC show was gearing up for its 40th anniversary and they were kind enough to let us hang around “fly on the wall style” so we could see how its done. The hallways are lined with photos of past celebrity guests and repertory players and the place is dripping with history. I personally have been watching the show practically my whole life so it was pretty fascinating to watch the process unfold. On Monday, they all gather in Lorne’s office and pitch ideas to the weekly guest host. (The week I was shooting it was Kevin Hart) Then they stay up all night long writing skits that they then read at the “Table Read” on Weds. Lorne posts the chosen skits on a bulletin board and they race into production. (I hear that tears are shed if your skit isn’t chosen) That gives them 3 days to rehearse, refine the jokes, and build the sets, the costumes and wigs. Somewhere in there they shoot all the digital shorts and fake commercials. On Saturday they run the whole show in front of a live audience at 8:00 pm. Then they cut several of the skits, refine the ones they plan on going with even more and then they do it all over again for real. LIVE FROM NEW YORK ITS SATURDAY NIGHT! You can see the People story on line here.



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I was fascinated with SOKO’s mysterious sultry voice and the beautiful rawness of her image long before BUST asked me to photograph her, so when the call came through I was psyched. We set up a simple intimate shoot with the goal of making emotionally charged imagery and rolled the dice. I always get a little nervous before a shoot, I never know what someone is going to be like when I meet them for the first time. When SOKO arrived, it was like a breath of fresh air. She was so charming and friendly and real, I felt like we had known each other for years. My daughter Penny came by for a visit with her pet rat Hazy and the three of them hit it off like best friends. It was a real treat getting to hang with SOKO The Cat!



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We almost didn’t make it to the shoot. Our plane was next in line for take off when the captain announced there was a fire at O’hare and that we would be delayed. After many frantic attempts to get on another flight, we finally took off 14 hours later. A guy named Brian Howard had deliberately set fire to a Chicago airport control center then was caught trying to slice his own throat with a knife. What a jerk. Lucky we had built in some travel time! Anyway, we finally made it to Chicago and got the job done.




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Kate Lyn Sheil

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Compared to Planet Hollywood, the NY indie film community is a tiny island filled with a tight knit group of talented filmmakers and actors, all working together on each other’s no budget films. (It very much reminds me of how the indie rock scene was before Nevermind was released). Kate Lyn Sheil is one of the main players on the scene and rightfully so. She is beautiful and talented, with an uncanny ability to express the subtlest emotions with the quietest of intensity. If you don’t believe me go see her latest project The Heart Machine. I had met Kate at a few parties and I was really hoping to have the opportunity to work with her at some point, so when Scott from Filmmaker called I jumped at the chance. And it happened quickly. I got the call on Tues and we shot on Weds: no lights, no assistant, no production at all really. Classic NY Indie style! Kate arrived straight from an audition and was operating on one-hour sleep, having taken the redeye from LA the night before. We were blessed with perfect weather and our walk together on the Highline was the highlight of my day.




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Interior Lives

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My latest project is called Interior Lives. I’d been thinking about starting something new for a while but I couldn’t put my finger on what to do. My life has been filled with so many surprises lately and much has changed in the last few years, I didn’t want to fall back on the same old tropes of my past. So I asked myself a few seemingly easy questions: What do I care about now? What do I want to learn more about? Where do my interests lie? The answer presented itself through a series of simple revelations; I am interested in how relationships work and how people choose to live, the architecture of life. Eventually it dawned on me, why not photograph my friends in their homes and interview them about their lives? It’s such an obvious next step, as if the idea was right in front of me the whole time, and I just wasn’t looking. You can visit the site here www.interiorlives.com.

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I found myself crawling around on the ground in a dirty alley in Chinatown one early Saturday morning shooting plates for our Gotham gallery shoot with FOX. After dusting ourselves off, we spent the rest of the day at Pier 59 setting up our lights and getting ready to shoot the wonderfully talented cast on Sunday. No rest for the wicked! The shoot was a blast and lots of great images were made. It was an extra bonus to have the opportunity to work side by side with the super talented photographer Justin Stevens. (He gets credit for the amazing poster headshots) It’s so cool to see how the master retouchers at FOX put together this powerful image!

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Gabby Hoffman

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If you don’t know who Gabby Hoffman is, you should look her up right away because she is one very cool woman. For starters her mom was a Warhol superstar and she grew up in the Chelsea hotel. As a child actress she had roles in such classics as Field of Dreams and Sleepless in Seattle. Lately she has been killing it on the indie circuit with cameos on Girls and Louie, and her performance in the Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus (with Michael Cera) was stellar. If you can, definitely catch her in the new Amazon show Transparent, it’s great! Oh and you can watch her in the horror film LYLE here. Anyway, I got to shoot Gabby for Bust Magazine, and I when we met at her apartment in Brooklyn I don’t think she could have been any sweeter. We walked around the park, talked about everything under the sun, I snapped some photos and sadly, we said good-by. If I ever get to make a movie, she’s gonna be in it.



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Lexi’s Monologue

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The video from my photo shoot with Lexi Rasmussen for Filmmaker Magazine didn’t happen the way I had originally intended. We did an interview but it felt too conventional. I shot some other footage where the audio was lost. After looking at the images and watching the footage I did have, the monologue really stood out. Lexi was charming, relaxed and fresh. The piano piece was also nice so I thought it would be cool to mix these two images together and see what would happen. The original version was completely crazy and way too dizzying for anyone in my household to watch, but after some fancy editing, I was able to pull the visual story into view.

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Wonder Women

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There is a belief within the advertising community that celebrity photographers don’t know how to photograph real people. I think it stems from the notion that celebrities are used to being in front of the camera and after hours of hair and makeup and styling, they are more prepared to deal with the harsh stare of the lens. With regards to capturing the essence of character, this completely unfounded myth misses the point about what portrait photographers actually do, which is make people feel comfortable and relaxed, disarming their insecurities so they can be “themselves” in front of the camera. Actors can be difficult to photograph unless a clear role for them to connect with is defined. I have always enjoyed photographing musicians the most; generally, I find their demeanor so chill and easygoing. For this photo booth that I set up at BUST Magazine’s PRIMPED craft fair I photographed over 200 actual “real” people in just a few hours. Due to the nature of the event, 99% of my subjects were women! I liken the experience to the 5-second drill in Life drawing class. It’s a quick sketch, the goal being to capture the soul in just a few frames. Here are some of my favs but you can see the whole set here.

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